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What licence do I need?

JAR or EASA NPPL or PPL or ATPL if you have one! If your licence needs re-validating, we may be help too (as we have already done for some of our members)


Can I take the plane away?  eg France, etc.

Yes! Of course you can, but we would like it to be flown at least 2.5 hrs per day.


How do I book?

Through our very easy-to-use, web-based booking service.


What is the insurance cover?

It's £10 million CSL. Pilots are not covered for serious injury or death.


Are there any joining fees? How long do I have to join for?

There are no joining fees, but we require six months' notice to leave the Club. To join, look at our Membership page


How much will it cost me, then?

See our Prices page.


How do I go about joining?

You can either email us (, call us or text us, and we will get straight back to you. Don't forget to bring or email the completed membership form which can be found on the Membership page.


How long is the check out?

This varies depending upon your recency and familiarity with the aircraft.  


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