Aircraft hire rates:

  • Ikarus C42 - £109/hr

  • EuroFox - £109/hr

  • SportCruiser - £130/hr

  • ​PA22-150 Pacer - £159/hr

  • PA28R Arrow - £169/hr

  • Robin 150 - £145/hr

  • Robin180 -  £159/hr

  • Christen Eagle - £270/hr

We charge a monthly fee of £85, which includes all landing and "touch and go" fees at home base. Flights are charged slightly differently depending on whether they are in Lycoming or Rotax-powered aircraft; this is due to the way that Rotax set their engine maintenance intervals. Therefore Lycoming-powered aircraft are charged from take off to touchdown, i.e. 'airborne time', plus a £10/sector charge. Flights in Rotax-powered aircraft are charged from engine start to engine stop, but no sector charge.

There is a minimum flight time of 30 minutes except for bad weather or technical. However the Christen Eagle has no minimum flight time, as even 20 minutes can be more than enough!