Our Story

Who we are
SportAir was established in 2013.
We are a family-run business aimed at people just like you, who would like to fly without any added expenses. We are a friendly and low-cost flying club based on the South Coast, at Chichester in West Sussex.
Currently we own and operate a Christen Eagel Biplane, a 4-seater Robin DR400, a SportsCruiser and Jodel Mascaret. We also own a Falco F8L, which subject to new CAA regulations, will be available later in the year.
Come fly with us
Sequoia Falco
Piper Tomahawk
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With our affordable rates, you can enjoy flying in our completely updated and immaculate aircraft.


We want to get more people flying for fun and are here to encourage you to take every opportunity to get up in the air! Le Touquet, for example, is just an hour away, as is the West Country and Channel Islands - even more affordable if you wish to share flights with other SportAir members - all of whom are easily contactable via the Booking website.


Whether you're an experienced pilot with thousands of hours under your belt, looking for an affordable way to fly or a newly qualified pilot just wanting a hassle-free way of building up your hours, gaining experience and boosting your confidence in flying, we are able to offer both these options at very reasonable rates.