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About Us

SportAir was established in 2013 at the beautiful, historic grass airfield of Goodwood Aerodrome in West Sussex, where we still operate today. Starting with a Piper Tomahawk, we have gradually built the fleet up to include some interesting aircraft. Our aim has been to offer excellent aircraft in superb condition all at a reasonable rate. In addition, we offer type conversions, annual pilot checks, renewing SEP, tailwheel conversions and Aerobatic training to our members. We are not a flying club as such, but a Non Equity Flying Group, an entirely private operation. Whilst we do not and cannot offer ad-hoc training (for non-members), we do train our own members to a very high standard. Our instructors are all volunteers and have a varied and interesting background and they are all very experienced. We aim for the highest standards, yet we make the entire experience fun and rewarding.


Our members’ backgrounds are as varied as our fleet! Some have brand new licences, others have vast experience from all corners of aviation. There are ex-chief training captains, a former leader of the Red Arrows, plumbers, horse trainers, a British National Aerobatic Champion, a CAA Flight Ops Inspector, ATC, Cabin Crew, Airline Pilots…just to name a few! The important thing is we treat everyone in the same way, and all our members help each other out. It’s a fun, friendly family.

So if you love flying and want to join a friendly, affordable flying club in the South, please do get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Richard & Kimberly Simms

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